Rachel Lister and her family completed the Rainbow Run and raised £100 for St. Richard’s Hospice.  Here is an account of the day by the two youngest members of the family:

The Mighty Rainbow Run By Laura (aged 8)

It all started on that day when we were running for a charity called St. Richard’s Hospice. The run was called a Rainbow Run as runners got powder paint thrown at them while running round the route. We got to choose a colour paint and threw it on people, so for once adults could have fun with a paint fight! Then we had a warm up that was a bit like a dance routine before we ran.  We had to choose colour sunglasses so while we ran 5kms the paint that people chucked at us didn’t go in our eyes. After that it was time to run to try to change people’s lives who are very poorly.  When we started running it was crowded and we had to be careful not to get lost. We got covered in loads of paint! Elderly people, girls and boys or a machine chucked paint at me.  It was very hot and I felt like my legs could snap in two but it was fun and I kept going!

The Mighty Rainbow Run By Anabel (aged 9)

On the 10 of July, we did something called the Rainbow Run. We had to run 5kms wearing old clothes which you don’t mind getting covered in paint. The Rainbow Run was an event to raise money for St Richards’s Hospice. We started off with a warm up, which was very energetic and fun because it was basically all dancing.  We then ran two laps of the route.  I was running with my mum and dad and sister Laura who is eight and I’m ten this year.

As you run people throw powder paint at you, which is like flour just coloured but obviously in different colours otherwise it wouldn’t be called the Rainbow Run! The powder was thrown at us all through the route and it was lots of fun and at the end we got a chocolate bar and a certificate and we realised we had raised £100.