Feasibility and appraisal often comprises the essential pre-requisite stage to the development process and provides a policy and evidence base upon which projects are subsequently designed and delivered.

This process also enhances the ability to best meet client’s requirements and for options to be explored and tested.

The feasibility stage provides the opportunity to robustly investigate means to deliver optimum property solutions.

Thomas Lister can make a difference and drive change by providing the following services:

  • Market assessments – Analysis of market conditions to expose gaps in market provision and ensure proposed projects meet identified need.
  • Planning appraisal – Review relevant policy, core strategy and other key strategies to identify potential uses of a site or property from informal consultations through to planning application processes.
  • Options identification and appraisal – Establishing optimum scheme proposals through detailed testing of scenarios to ensure the best possible outcome is achievable.
  • Development and viability appraisals –Preparing financial appraisals and models to test viability, profitability, land value and/or public investment needed to facilitate delivery.

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