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Thomas Lister are proud to announce and welcome Graduate Surveyor Nick Mann onto the team after completion of an MSc in Real Estate at the University of Manchester.

Nicks appointment will both add additional capacity and further the portfolio of talent present at Thomas Lister.

Nick Said: “I am hugely excited to join Thomas Lister, gaining the opportunity to pursue a career in property whilst benefitting from involvement in their vast and exciting client base. The range of services provided by Thomas Lister will provide great learning opportunities and will facilitate me to attain experience across a number of disciplines, furthering my development as a Graduate Surveyor whilst training towards my APC.”

Rachel Lister, Director of Thomas Lister commented: “We very much look forward to Nicks appointment feeling that he fits perfectly within our ethos of teamwork and exceptional service.”

Marika joined Thomas Lister in August 2017 and spent eight years as part of the development team at Prologis, undertaking development appraisals as an essential prerequisite of site acquisitions for development purposes.

Marika brings a wealth of practical appraisal experience through the acquisition and disposal process, along with a high degree of commercial acumen through being at the forefront of property development and delivery

Rachel Lister and her family completed the Rainbow Run and raised £100 for St. Richard’s Hospice.  Here is an account of the day by the two youngest members of the family:

The Mighty Rainbow Run By Laura (aged 8)

It all started on that day when we were running for a charity called St. Richard’s Hospice. The run was called a Rainbow Run as runners got powder paint thrown at them while running round the route. We got to choose a colour paint and threw it on people, so for once adults could have fun with a paint fight! Then we had a warm up that was a bit like a dance routine before we ran.  We had to choose colour sunglasses so while we ran 5kms the paint that people chucked at us didn’t go in our eyes. After that it was time to run to try to change people’s lives who are very poorly.  When we started running it was crowded and we had to be careful not to get lost. We got covered in loads of paint! Elderly people, girls and boys or a machine chucked paint at me.  It was very hot and I felt like my legs could snap in two but it was fun and I kept going!

The Mighty Rainbow Run By Anabel (aged 9)

On the 10 of July, we did something called the Rainbow Run. We had to run 5kms wearing old clothes which you don’t mind getting covered in paint. The Rainbow Run was an event to raise money for St Richards’s Hospice. We started off with a warm up, which was very energetic and fun because it was basically all dancing.  We then ran two laps of the route.  I was running with my mum and dad and sister Laura who is eight and I’m ten this year.

As you run people throw powder paint at you, which is like flour just coloured but obviously in different colours otherwise it wouldn’t be called the Rainbow Run! The powder was thrown at us all through the route and it was lots of fun and at the end we got a chocolate bar and a certificate and we realised we had raised £100.

Thomas Lister are delighted to welcome Lee White to the Practice.

Joining us on 6th June 2016, Lee’s appointment will further bolster our team’s capacity for the provision of professional services offered by the company.

Lee, a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer, says this of his recent career move;

“I am delighted to have joined Thomas Lister and the ability to pursue a career in property development and regeneration, which is where my passions lie. Thomas Lister have a diverse portfolio of really exciting projects and I am looking forward to being involved in the delivery of these, working with both public and private sectors, on a national basis. The wide ranging services that we provide means that there is never a dull day and I look forward to contributing to the delivery of schemes across the property spectrum”.

Lee will be involved in all aspects of Thomas Lister’s diverse and rapidly expanding client base and case load, providing much needed capacity to the team.

Quality Standards ISO9001 accreditation renewed – Thomas Lister have recently been subject to an annual audit and are confirmed to maintain our Quality Standards with particular specific endorsement relating to the induction and appraisal process for staff.  Our Quality systems and standards provide comfort to our clients that we have the necessary processes in place to deliver quality services within required timescales.

Thomas Lister’s Environmental credentials were also subject to audit and have proven to be maintained up to ISO14001 standards, with particular endorsement being provided in respect of our carbon footprint monitoring processes.

Thomas Lister invites visitors to explore its new website which has been designed to provide user friendly navigation and enhanced functionality throughout. This will provide users with the ability to explore with just a few clicks the availability of properties being marketed, establish the services provided by the company together with experience of individuals likely to be involved in service delivery.

It will be easier to keep up to date with a built in enquiry capability. Regular tweets are proposed to be issued which will keep customers informed as to latest news including funding opportunities and new property/site availability so visitors are encouraged to follow us on Twitter.

Rachel Lister (Director) said “the new website looks and feels completely revitalised and the links to other media should enhance the users experience and ability to find the information that they seek with useful updates to opportunities arising through Twitter”.

Thomas Lister have further increased their team of Property and Development professionals through the appointment of Robert Andrews.  Rob, a Chartered Planner with an MA (Hons) in Spatial Planning, brings with him several years of Local Authority regeneration and planning experience, gained predominantly from across the Black Country and wider Midlands area.  Rob says this of his recent move;

“Moving from the public sector to the private sector will definitely be a challenge but one I intend to relish by bringing to the team my experience of Local Authority process and planning expertise, which is balanced with a sense of commercial awareness and acumen”.

Rob will be involved in all aspects of Thomas Lister’s growing case load.